Privacy Policy


Below, you'll find everything you need to know about what happens with the data you provide to the applications or services created or run by me. If you have any further questions or concerns, feel free to send an email to at any time.

Last updated 2022-10-31


This privacy policy, written by Dilan Nair ("I", "me", "my") for the end users ("you", "your") is intended to outline the data collection and usage practices of all of the applications and services created and currently managed by Dilan Nair ("service", "services"). Authentication takes place only on ("authentication system") through redirects from the services.

Chapter 1: Services that access your user data

The following services may access your user data through

  • (read, write)
All other services do not access your user data, therefore the privacy policy is not applicable. However, Google Analytics may be used within the service to track and anonymously report website traffic and demographics. Refer to Google's privacy policy for information on how they collect data.

Chapter 2: About the authentication system

The authentication system serves as the bridge between the service you're using and your data. You will only log in on Do NOT log in if you are not on this domain or if the site is not secured (ensure that the lock symbol is present in your browser's address bar).

Chapter 3: Collected personal data

When creating an account through the authentication system, you only have the option to continue using your Google account. Currently, there are no other options. Using a third-party like Google to authenticate allows for a significantly more secure and reliable authentication experience for you as opposed to a custom one. There's no point in developing one from the ground up when Google's robust system already exists.

After authenticating with Google, some basic user information is sent to my authentication system. Your email address is then linked to a unique user ID for you within my database. No other data is collected or stored, including any sensitive information like passwords. Only your Google account's primary email address is saved. Any other stored data is only what you specifically provide within any service.

Chapter 4: Data access

Only authorized services can access the data you provide, and this is only possible through my API. All services are created and maintained by me and trusted contributors. Access to the authentication system's developer interface is not given to any third party.

All services that use the authentication system will have a sign out button of some sort. Using that button will sign you out of the service and the authentication system. You can manually sign out of the authentication system by visiting Signing out of the authentication system will NOT sign you out of all of the services. The services will automatically lose access within approximately 3 days. If the service is a web application accessed within the browser, you can clear the service's cookies to revoke access immediately.

Chapter 5: Security

Don't share your Google account password with anyone else. Although, if you did, you'd probably have bigger issues to worry about than those related to my services.

If you have any reason to believe your account is compromised, notify me immediately so we can resolve the issue. You can also let me know if you have any other questions about my security and data collection practices!