Hey there, I'm Dilan.

Software, web, and game modifications developer.



An automatic modded client updater and launcher for Minecraft.


Voidstone Software

Quality custom software and game modifications curated to your taste.

The Software and Game Development Group

The premier student organization for software and game development at Northwestern University.

A bit about me.

I'm a second-year undergraduate student at Northwestern University studying computer science. I've been a CS enjoyer for over 8 years, working on projects ranging anywhere from desktop and mobile applications to websites and web APIs to video games and game mods, many of which you'll find here on my site. I'm the creator of Voidstone Software, an online store dedicated to the development of private, custom game modifications on request. I'm also the founder and president of the Software and Game Development Group at Northwestern University, one of the largest student-run computer science organizations on campus focusing on the collaborative development of software applications and interactive entertainment, along with competitive programming. Besides that, I spend a lot of time working on personal projects, bringing my ideas to life with code.

Outside of computer science, I have a strong interest in tech, adventure and story-driven video games, and music.